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martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

My turning point

Currently, I don't think there's anything to consider a turning point in my life. I've had the same lifestyle, same friends for six years. However, I think it's time to change the time comes, I am going to leave Nestor Almendros and going to University. I have to leave all the memories, my environment and my classmates. I hope to start a new life in the University but with any changes in my life back. I think it will be my turning point because I will meet many interesting people and I will change my habits, as well as grow and mature as a person. In conclusion, I hope to enjoy my new life and that turning point will be completed with my people and memories of all these years.

sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2012


Seven months ago, I took the best trip that I have ever gone in my life. I had always wanted to go to Amsterdam and I was lucky that I was at Nestor Almendros and I could go with my school. I went with two best friends and many people that I like. I was so excited and I couldn't sleep the night before. When we landed at the airport, the families were there waiting for us. I went with my host family and had lunch at a modern restaurant. Then we all went to a spanish pub because we wanted to see a football match. I went by bicycle and I was afraid because there was so much traffic. The following day we went to climb and we had really fun. That night we went to a party in the milky way, which was the most famous disco at Amsterdam. I slept that night in Jocea grandparent's house with Pablo Toca and Bufa too, and it was so funny. The next day we visited Anna Frank's house and then we did a gymkhana. We went to another party at night and it was better than the other. The day after we went to a beautiful town and then we all ate at Iris's house, which was so big. Then we went to another party at Kaile's house and I had to cycle one hour to go back home at 5:00 am. The days after we went shopping, we went to had dinner together and see other monuments and more things. I had to say that Amsterdam is a place to go once in your life because it is impressive and funny. I would like to repeat this trip again.

viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012


There are many people that cheat at the bilingual group. We have been together for six years and we have lived many experiences. There are many ways of cheating, but in this class the ways are really special. Most of the people laugh when they hear about them because they are unbelievable. However I have to say that they are really true, and I have some anecdotes to tell. We have had our Chemistry teacher Maripaz for four years and our exams have always been a bit "special". Two years ago, our classmate Javi had the idea of cheeting with the windows. He was seated by them as well as he was cheating. The notes were fixed at the windows and the teacher didn't realized. It was so funny to see the windows fulled of notes. There was other case that is really funny. Our classmate Valls took toilet paper for a Chemistry exam. We didn't know why he had taken it but them we understand it. After the first fifteen minuts there were lots of toilet paper flying from one side of the class to the other. We had written the chemistry problems on it and we were passing them. The teacher thought that everybody had a cold.

sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

Classmates and friends

I have to say that there are two special people who have been in my class. However they left my school because they wanted to go to another. These people are Jaime Fernandez and Ana Jiménez. Jaime was in my class the first two years at Nestor Almendros. He is a funny boy, he is always triying to make people laugh. He is one of my best friend. Although he is not in my class since I was in second year, he is part of my group of friends and also he lives next to me. Sometimes he might be annoying but he is one of the best person I have known. Ana has been in my class for four years, but she left the school two years ago. She is a good friend, she is so generous and we like to do the same things. I had a great time with her in London and we laugh a lot in that trip. I miss her so much, she lives in other town, so it is more difficult to meet her.

domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012


I would like to talk about my maths teacher Fernanda. She was my teacher last year and she had been at the Nestor Almendros for many years. But this year she isn’t in the school. Fernanda is very famous in the school, and also in other schools. She has a bad reputation because very few people pass the exams with her. The half of the class fail the exams, some people with a zero, others with a “nothing”. However, I realized that the exams weren’t so difficult, she only wanted that we thought. The exams weren’t mechanicals; we have to think using what she had taught. The lessons were boring sometimes because she brings the students to the blackboard and they took a long there. Nevertheless the student that came to the board learnt so much. In my opinion, Fernanda is a great teacher and I have learnt more maths than other years.

viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012


I remember the first time I went to my high school like yesterday. I have known my classmates for six years but that day I didn't know anyone. I was afraid because I was really young and the building, people and teachers were new. My english teacher was hard with us the first day because she didn't speak spanish and our english wasn't so good then. So, we were very afraid and we thought it would be very difficult. Furthermore, we were surprised because each subject has one teacher and in primary school we had always have the same for all the subjects. I didn't like very much my first day in this school, but then I met many friends and I was happy with all the teachers.

sábado, 16 de junio de 2012


Nowadays many people all over the world spent most of their time watching television. But it has many advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it is useful because it informs us about the world. Furthermore, humorous stories and funny films bring us minutes of relaxation after a hard's day's work. On the other hand, television maybe is a good media of communication, but it prevents us from communicating with each other or with the real world. In adittion, television sometimes can be a bad influence for children and young people. It is a distraction and they don't do their homework and study. To sum up, television is useful to us when we know who to use it.